Infrastructure as a Service
Infrastructure as a service is a method of delivery computing infrastructure such as servers ,storage, network systems and operating as a service available on demand rather than buying the physical servers, software and network equipment. Our solution the Virtustream μVM is a fine-grained unit of measurement designed to fairly and accurately measure the actual consumption of cloud resources in clouds – whether private, public or hybrid clouds. Consider cloud as a utility similar to electricity. Like the kilowatt hour (kWh) consumption metric that your home’s electric bill is based on, the μVM more closely measures your actual consumption of compute, memory, network and storage resources than the virtual machine-hour measurement offered by most cloud providers.
Platform as a Service
Platform as a Service is the computing platform which allows development of web applications quickly without complexity of buying the hardware, software and developing framework or platform underneath it. Our customers can enjoy the benefits of developing ,deploying ,and testing complex application with fairly and accurate measure of the actual consumption of resources in the cloud.
Software as a Service
Software as service is a cloud computing service model where the client uses the web browser to access software application which is developed and offered by software vendors and available as a service over the web. In this type of service model the client usually do not have access and control on managing the infrastructure where their application resides. we provides wide ranges of SaaS applications including SAP,Desknets,Riak-CS and several more with wide range of benefits and tailored to meet customer needs.
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